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Pick up yard work gigs in your neighborhood. Get a hand around the yard or just join our yardsourcing community, welcoming every shade of greenthumb under the sun.

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There are resources all around us it just depends on how you look at it. Post stuff you’re looking for, share what you don’t need. Offer up extra pots, plant divisions you thinned out or that rock pile for others’ garden bed edging. Be creative, be resourceful, start Yardsourcing!


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Petstick is a yard care alternative. While Stick People do good work, it’s not a replacement for many professional landscaping services. But most yards aren’t Augusta either. It’s great for the basics, provided you’re not too fussy.

“I love this idea! We need to get our kids working, taking responsibility.”
Moms everywhere

Our Story

What’s the deal with the Stick?

Take a look at a stick, what do you see? Kids might see that same stick as a sword or lightsaber, perhaps a baton they’re leading a parade with. The stick is whatever you make it, it’s a metaphor for imagination and resourcefulness. Plus, it’s a pretty a clever resource in its own right.