Story Time

From the Founder

I was raking leaves at my parents’ and listening to a marketing podcast. They were talking about crowdsourcing, this idea of technology connecting people with a need to others with something to offer. ‘What about yardsourcing?’ I mused, convinced there was something there, yet unsure what to make of it.


Why a stick? Well, take a look at a stick and tell me what you see.

When you’re a kid, that same stick is a sword or lightsaber to take on imaginary villains. The stick is a baton you’re twirling at the front of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or a magic wand of Hogwarts pedigree. Perhaps more practically, it’s a walking stick or a toy you and your dog share playing fetch.

The stick is a metaphor for your unique approach toward the work. The jar is like a little terrarium, conspicuously missing a caterpillar, because it’s YOU that transforms through work.

Brand Values


Work helps us learn by doing, it shapes who we are.


Hobbies, music and activities can all jive and make us thrive.


There's learning opportunities all around us! Dig in.


Amaze yourself - make something tangible.


Anyone up for a revolution? (hands tentatively raising) Well, we are. How about we call it “A Carrot in Every Pot” this idea that we can all plant the seeds to cultivate our own version of the American dream. It’s a reboot on Herbert Hoover’s idea for our time.

We want to help people see what they’re capable of through a little elbow grease, ingenuity and good ole’ fashioned neighborly sharing.

There’s surely a balance to strike between technology and nature but if we can get that right it can make our lives better, healthier, more connected to what matters.